Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I teach people about business and design, while also yapping people’s ears off every once in a while. I’m a 24 design student from The Netherlands with 4+ years of business experience, who is ready to help you figure out all the hard parts of your business while making it fun! Want to know more?

Here are 10 Things About Me

Design student

Since August 2017 I’ve been studying Interactive Design and Media over in Leiden, my favourite city in this rainy country. Design (much like business) has been a big passion of mine for quite a while now and I can’t wait to teach you everything I learn (I’m a firm believer in passing it on after all!).

Kind of a nerd

So… I’m kind of a nerd. Books, movies, tv shows, podcasts, cartoons and much more are definitely my jam, but I’m just as much as a nerd when it comes to things like art, design and even studying. Need someone to nerd out about Harry Potter with, while also keeping you accountable to your work if needed? Search no further!

Business life

As I mentioned I’ve been busy running a business for 4+ years already. It all started with an Etsy store where I sold overpriced confetti (20 1 inch confetti pieces for $2 yikes), before I finally made use of all those years learning English and went into translating, only… to end up in the design field. It was quite a bumpy ride, but I learned a lot!

Bird crazy

I always like to say I’m like the bird version of the crazy cat lady. Birds, whether they’re pigeons or parrots (and… even seagulls) are such fascinating and intelligent (ahem… with a few exceptions…) creatures and I love them so much! I have two budgies at home (one can even talk!). Why I’m telling you this? What else do you think my business name was inspired by?


Do you like setting goals just as much as reaching them? If so you’re definitely my kind of people. I can’t quite live without my daily to do lists and my schedule comes with me everywhere. Because of that setting goals and how to follow through on them is going to be discussed a lot on the blog. You’ve been warned.

Color lover

Color theory is one of my favourite things to talk about. Something about the way different colors can evoke different emotions, but also behaviour in people peaks my curiosity. Did you know for example that even having a little bit of green around you can help you feel more free? Or that colors like yellow and orange make people happier? Isn’t that cool?


There’s nothing I like more in life than creating new things. Whether it’s websites, stickers, blog posts, stories or anything in between. I’ve been drawing all my life and have been writing since I was eleven. By learning to express my creativity as a child creating has become very easy for me as an adult and that helps me shape my business and help others.

My kind of people

My kind of people are the people who are crazy passionate. The people who see possibility everywhere and are ready to put in the work to make their online business work for them. They are the people who might feel a little stuck and like they’re missing that one thing to get them further and make them better. Sounds like you?

Love collaborating

I believe that collaborating is a vital part of running a business, because what better way to network and reach a bigger audience. Want to collaborate with me? Leave me a message below!

Here to help

Need help with you business? Got stuck designing your website? Need some tips when it comes to blogging? I would love to help! Message me below and let’s see what we can do together!

My Current Goals

 Come out
 Finish DIY
 Get job in Leiden
 Start a Vlog
 Launch Lovely Bird & Co. website
 Launch Website Bootcamp
 Finish first year of school
 Publish books on Amazon
 Make a friend in class

Grow following
Open a stickershop
 Get a new macbook
Publish classes on Skillshare
Learn HTML & CSS

Let’s Talk!

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