The Product Planner

Has it always been a dream of you to create a product, but do you have no idea where to start? You have the kickass idea that you just know your clients will love, but when it comes to the process of creating your product, marketing it and launching it you draw a blank. Or, maybe you have created a product before, but really needed a guiding hand to help you through the process this time around. I can help!

Introducing: The Product Planner

This planner is filled with a ton of valuable info and actionable worksheets meant to offer you a guiding hand through the creation of your next product. Whether that’s an e-course, a knit sweater or a book.

What’s covered in The Product Planner you ask?

Part 1: Prep
In this part I guide you through the steps you need to take before you start creating your product. Think goals, the platform you’re going to use and setting a budget.

Part 2: Create
This is the part where you outline, plan and create your product. You also get to fill in worksheets about pricing, your refund policy and more.

Part 3: Market
In part three you learn all about the strategies you can use to successfully market your product to your target audience.

Part 4: Launch
Of course you also have to launch your product with a bang. This part is all about that.

For who is this exactly?

This planner is for the small business owner, creative and/or blogger who wants to create something amazing, but who needs a little help along the way. This is for you if you’re not looking for investors, but rather just want to sell the things you are passionate about. Sounds like you?

Here’s  What Others Are Saying…

This product planner was such a life saver! I’ve been thinking about selling an info product, but I was really struggling with where to start. Amber’s planner literally outlines the entire process for you, from brainstorming a product idea to tracking how well it sold! I was amazed at the details she included and the quality of the workbook as a whole. It’s such a useful product, and Amber is nice enough to offer it at an insanely affordable price. I totally would’ve paid at least $50 for what is included here. This step-by-step guide is an invaluable resource that will greatly benefit any beginner info or physical product seller.

– Miranda Nahmias | Miranda Nahmias

Maybe.. Is anything else included?

Well obviously! If you’ve been with me for a while you know I’m all about adding extra value. When you purchase this ebook you also get..

3 Daily Planner Templates | $5 value
3 slightly different planner templates so you can pick the one that suits you best.

The Weekly Planner | $10 value
This weekly planner with 52 blank weeks you can fill in whenever you want can be used for your normal day to day life as well as for product planning.

The Yearly Goal Planner | $5 value
Get a printable poster where you can write your monthly goals on.

To Do List Template | $5
With this fillable to do list template you will get any task done.

“Ok! That sounds pretty great, but what will this cost?”

Here’s the thing: This ebook + all of its bonuses ($32 value!) costs $7!

Why $7 you ask? Well.. I wanted to make sure that this ebook would be affordable for everyone out there.

So… Where can I buy this?

Well…. just click on the button below and you will be able to purchase your very own copy.

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