The Ultimate Guide To Launching Products Online

Feeling overwhelmed by even the thought of launching your product? I’ve been where you are my friend. It’s not a nice place. That’s why I want to sit down with you and tell you all my launching secrets. You never have to worry about how to launch a product again when you have The Ultimate Guide To Launching Products Online to guide you through it!

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide To Launching Products Online


This 84-page ebook is divided in three value-packed parts.

In part one I teach you all about the core of launching. We go through the phases and options you have, like for example launching when you want to presell your product.

In part two I teach you all the basics you need to make sure your launch goes as smoothly as possible, from how to create a basic sales funnel to how to price your product.

In part three I teach you pretty much all the strategies I know and how you can create a sales funnel out of them that absolutely blows your people out of the water.


But.. Is this really going to show me everything I need to know?

Yes, it is! I show you everything I know about delivering, selling, launching and marketing your products. I’ve been going through multiple amazing launches that were both profitable and gave my business a boost. In this guide I don’t teach you just one strategy; I teach you multiple, because I know that everyone has a different way of doing things. Are you ready to take the unknown out of launches and start making money?

Here’s  What Others Are Saying…

Wow! This book gave me EXACTLY what I needed.
I’ve been researching launches and trying to store up as much knowledge as possible since I started my online business earlier this year. When I saw this ebook I was pretty skeptical (considering all the ‘fantastic products’ out there that end up costing a bomb and being about 10-pages of nothing) but decided to take the plunge anyway. After reading only up to pg36 I HAD to contact Max and tell her what a rocking product this is! It’s answered so many questions and put everything into an easy-to-follow, logical and super-informative format. I am so excited to start implementing my new sales funnels and check out the options I now know are available for me.
Thank you Max!!

– Yadah Knock | Academy of Spa & Wellness

Other fun things included in this ebook…

2 Tutorial Videos 
$10 value

Let me show you exactly how you can create optin forms with Mailchimp! It’s super easy and will get you a long way towards launching products online successfully!

For who is this exactly?

Everyone who wants to launch products online and is ready to put in the work to make their launch an amazing success!

“Okay, okay, so what is this going to cost me?”

Here’s the thing: This ebook + all of its bonuses ($10 value!) costs $7!

Why $7 you ask? Well.. I wanted to make sure that this ebook would be affordable for everyone out there.


Where can I buy the goodness?

Well…. just click on the button below and you will be able to purchase your very own copy.

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