Our Story

Max and Lea met online and connected through their love of books. Soon it was clear what they both wanted: to create, to have fun and to share their love for books with others. With Max’s passion and Lea’s love for art they made the perfect pair to get together and do just that.

Max and Lea’s biggest goal is to create a place and a home for others just like them. They want Lovely Bird to be the first place you go to when you’ve just finished a good book and need more of the world you just left.

Lovely Bird is for everyone who is passionate, creative and loves stories. Everyone who is proud of who they are and who wants to express their love for fandom, books, pretty things and art.

The People


Lea is a passionate book lover from Germany. When she isn’t in school or studying, she spends her days reading, writing, drawing and taking care of her cat Louie. Lea is a self taught artist. She started drawing when she was little and hasn’t stopped ever since. If there is an available surface to doodle on, she will be doing just that. Her biggest hope for Lovely Bird is that it will become a place that makes everyone feel welcome and understood, and that the products bring a hell of a lot of fun.


Max is a creative book and design nerd from the Netherlands. When they’re not running around like crazy drawing, reading, listening to music or playing with their birds, they’re likely at school studying to become a graphic designer! They’ve been drawing since they were little, just like Lea! Max’s biggest hope for Lovely Bird is that their products can really bring joy to people’s lives and that Lovely Bird doesn’t just become another shop, but also a place to have fun with content of the books you love.

Come Talk To Us

Please come talk to us if you want to chat or have any requests and/or wishes. Plus, we are always ready to fangirl and chat about books!

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